Commercial & Industrial Partitions for Toronto, Vaughan & Mississauga Businesses

When it comes to industrial and commercial fencing in Toronto, partitions are great additions to any property. By sectioning off certain areas of your property, you can implement greater security control of your premise. Your partitions can be used to store and secure a wide range of product inventory, machinery, hazardous materials and equipment, vehicles, data servers, computers, and more.

At City Fence, we have experience working with chain link fencing, gates, security fences, and more. Our experts in fencing can help you decide on the best type of partition to use as well as what other security measures can be applied.

Components of a Commercial or Industrial Partitions

Partition enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be small enough to act as a closet-like space, holding chemical cleaning supplies, buckets, and industrial vacs, or the partition can be wide and large enough to fit a desk and chair, functioning not unlike an office cubicle. Regardless of size or purpose, partitions include:

Partitions can be used either externally or internally depending on your needs. At City Fence, our fencing contractors can supply and install any type of commercial and industrial fencing your Vaughan or GTA property may need.

Why Use Chain Link on Your Property?

Chain link is one of the most common fencing materials used for commercial and industrial fencing in Mississauga, Toronto, and the surrounding areas. It offers many benefits. For example, it is easily customizable and can fit just about anywhere, making it an excellent choice for both small and large enclosed areas. This is why chain link is both great for high security fencing around the grounds of an expansive commercial property, or as a reliable material for partitions inside crowded factories and warehouses. Chain link’s transparency also allows it to be used in areas where visibility is a necessity, like at the entrances to your property.

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