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5 Benefits of Installing Panic Bars

Panic bars, also known as crash bars or push bars, are mechanisms that allow doors to be opened simply by pushing. Originally designed as a way to prevent crowd crushing during emergencies, they’ve become a common sight in buildings such as commercial establishments and schools. Here are five benefits of installing them on your property.

1. They make your building safer

Crash bars allow people to exit buildings quickly in case of an emergency. This is especially important for commercial operations that employ many people, as crash bars help prevent injuries due to crowd crushing. 

They can also be installed on exterior gates to allow for controlled one-way traffic, enhancing overall security on your property while keeping workers safe.

2. They can lower your insurance premiums

Since panic bars reduce the risk of injuries to a building’s occupants in the case of a fire or other emergency, insurers take them into account when calculating your premiums. If your property isn’t equipped with push bars, it’s far more likely that someone could be injured when trying to exit the building, and this may mean paying higher premiums. In addition, lower risks of injury mean you’re less likely to be held responsible for someone hurting themselves.

3. They save lives

The reason push bars have become such a common sight in industrial, commercial, educational and institutional buildings is that, simply put, they save lives. If an emergency arises, they allow occupants to exit the building and reach safety much more quickly than traditional locking mechanisms. In addition, they reduce the risks of people being injured if there’s a panic and the occupants stampede toward the exit.

4. They’re flexible

These mechanisms come in various types, shapes and sizes. This means you’re likely to find one that suits your needs in terms of function, security and style. They’re compatible with a wide range of locking mechanisms and some of them can be electronically linked to fire alarms to ensure they remain securely locked when they aren’t needed. Finally, they can be installed either inside or outside. 

5. They’re affordable

Most panic bars are compatible with a wide range of locking mechanisms, meaning you don’t need to have the entire door replaced should you decide to install one. They can be installed in addition to the existing opening mechanism, as well, making them an inexpensive and practical way to increase your property’s safety standards. 

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