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A Guide to Automatic Gate Safety

Installing automatic safety gates is a convenient way to implement traffic control on commercial and industrial properties. However, they’re also responsible for a wide range of legal claims, from property and vehicular damage to wrongful death. This is why proper safety training and maintenance is crucial.

Why motorized gates are dangerous 

Security gates are often designed in such a way that they’ll remain in motion until they’ve completely opened or closed. This means that, in the absence of basic safety precautions, people and vehicles can be harmed. Examples include:

Crushing, which happens when the gate closes on something or someone.

Shearing, which can occur when a sliding gate moves against a parallel object, risking derailment and damaging the object and the gate in the process.

Striking, which occurs when a person or individual in the gate’s trajectory gets hit.

These accidents can occur very quickly and cause serious property damage and injuries. Making sure to control for both human error and gate malfunctions is the only way to prevent them.

Human error
Typically, human error stems from lack of knowledge about a gate system’s operation. For instance, most automatic driveway gates function on a one-vehicle cycle, meaning they only let vehicles through one at a time. Drivers will often try to enter or exit the area in the same cycle as another driver, resulting in the gate closing on the second vehicle and causing serious damage and injuries. Pedestrians using entry points meant for vehicles also run the risk of being injured.

Fixing human error
Proper training and clear signage are effective ways to minimize the risks of serious damage and injury. Installing pedestrian-only security gates and clearly directing workers to use them will help ensure they don’t harm themselves in vehicle-only areas.

Automatic gates are complex systems, and mechanical and electronic problems can cause them to stop functioning properly. Common issues include aging, defective safety devices, improper installation and poor maintenance.

Preventing malfunctions
Worker training can be helpful, as it may then be possible to spot issues before they cause an accident. Timely intervention can make the difference between needing a minor repair or dealing with a serious accident. In addition, any new gate should be installed by experienced contractors. Finally, regular inspections and proper maintenance are a must.

Security gates in Toronto
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