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Repair or Replace? How to Properly Assess the Condition of Your Property’s Fence

If you have a fence on your commercial or industrial property, it is likely that at some point you have wondered – should I repair or replace my fence? Unfortunately, the answer is not always a “yes” or “no” and instead depends on a few factors. While fence repair in Mississauga is most definitely cheaper than a full out replacement, you must first consider how significant the repair work would be and whether it would still work out to less than replacement cost over the long-term.

PROBLEMS THAT CAN BE RESOLVED BY REPAIRING A FENCEThere are some common fence issues that can be repaired, preventing the need for a full replacement, such as the following:

Cracks – Cracks are not always a reason to replace and often can be quickly repaired. Whether it is a crack in the metal surface or a bend in a small part of a chain link fence, these issues can usually be fixed with simple repairs.

Damage from Accidents – Even though they are known to be exceptionally durable, metal fences can become damaged if they are struck by an automobile in an accident or from an industrial incident. However, depending on how significant the damage is, these sections may be able to be repaired or even spot replaced rather than requiring the installation of a completely new fence.

Loose Fence Posts – Loose fence posts can occur due to moving soil, excess moisture and time. They can be steadied by backfilling the post area with soil or gravel.


No matter how sturdy the fencing material, there are times that repairs will not do. Some indicators that it may be time to replace rather than repair your fence include:

The repair is more of a quick or temporary fix. 

If the repair will be less-than-perfect or is used as a temporary fix, you will need to consider replacing your fence. Temporary fixes will end up costing more as you continue to try and reinforce the repair than if you had replaced the fence in the first place or at least the damaged section.

When the repair costs more than a new fence or the repairs have added up. 

Over the years, you may have performed numerous repairs to your fence and now that you have added it up, the expense incurred is extensive. If your fence continues to need repairs or the cost to repair is greater than a full replacement, then replacing may be best.

Major overhauls are required. 

A good rule of thumb is that if the fence needs more than 20 percent of its panels or posts replaced, you should opt to replace the entire fence instead.


While replacing a fence is more expensive and will take time, a new fence will often last longer than one that was repaired quickly. It is best to consult a professional for fence repairs in Brampton or Mississauga first before assuming you need to replace your fence.

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