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Can You Install a Fence in the Rain?

If you’re planning on adding fences or gates to your property, doing so during the off-season to avoid the rush can be a good idea. However, you should keep in mind that some weather conditions can make installation difficult, and rain is worst of all.

How is a fence installed?

To understand why rain is such a major obstacle, it’s important to know that fences are only as strong as their posts. Poor fence post installation can occur for a number of reasons, including not digging post holes deep enough, using the wrong concrete mix or installing them in poor weather conditions without making appropriate adjustments. 

Poor installation results in fences that are unlikely to remain upright for very long. If the bond between the fence post and concrete isn’t strong enough, the fence will start sagging quickly and will require expensive repairs or need to be replaced.

Can you install a fence in cold weather?

Waiting for the off-season often means waiting for the late fall or, in some cases, for the winter. While installing a fence in cold weather presents some challenges, it’s very doable. 

The main challenge with cold weather is that digging in frozen ground can be extremely difficult. Hiring a professional fencing contractor is usually your best bet, as they have access to specialized equipment that’ll allow them to dig deep enough to ensure your new fence is installed properly.

Professionals can also alter their concrete mix to mitigate any negative impact the cold may have on it.

What about rain?

Waiting for the ground to thaw can be advantageous because it means easier excavation. However, springtime often brings heavy showers, which can pose a serious obstacle to the installation of your new fence.

Light drizzle is one thing, but heavy rain will make it nearly impossible to dig proper post holes. They’ll fill up with rainwater quickly, and the water will weaken the bond between the posts and their concrete base, leading to a weak fence.

Ideally, fences should be installed in dry conditions, regardless of temperature.

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