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Should You Consider a Chain-Link or Ornamental Fence for Your Business Location?

If you own a commercial property, then you know how important it is to have security measures in place to protect your investment. A professional company specializing in fence installation in Toronto can provide you with a number of fencing options to keep vandals and unwanted visitors off your property. Both chain link and ornamental fences can effectively deliver security and peace of mind for small and large businesses. Available in a range of styles, colours and sizes, both options are fairly easy to maintain and can be customized to accommodate your customers, location and fencing needs.



Read on to learn the pros and cons of each type of fence to better help you determine which option is best for your business premises.

Advantages of a Chain Link Fence

  • A chain link fence is very affordable to install and has a long lifespan. Several businesses install chain link fencing as a cost saving measure.
  • They are made of steel and are very durable. Because of their open links, they are less susceptible to strong winds, storm and snow damage.
  • If installed correctly, a chain link fence will require little to no maintenance.
  • A chain link fence is see-through, which makes it a popular choice for high-security areas that require a view to the far side of the fence line.
  • If you have landscape elements on your premises, these types of fences can let in plenty of light to keep your yard in great shape.


Advantages of an Ornamental Fence

  • Ornamental fences are more durable than normal iron and have an extremely long lifecycle, which reduces maintenance and repair costs.
  • These fences can be designed in a number of different patterns and shapes due to the malleable nature of the metal during production. This means your fence can be customized to meet your individual style and property requirements.

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