Commercial fence installations in Toronto


For some business owners, choosing to install a fence on their own seems like the easiest and most cost effective method to protect their property. However, like many construction jobs, there is a lot more to fencing commercial and industrial properties than meets the eye. While it can be tempting to try to install a fence on your, it is important to consult experts for proper installation and to ensure it meets local zoning codes and bylaws. It can be disheartening and expensive to tear down a DIY project once you have completed it, so avoid the risk by calling a fence contractor in Toronto to install or repair your company’s fence.


A fence offers security, privacy, and even makes your business more aesthetically appealing. Avoid these common mistakes that occur with DIY installations and have your chain link fence or iron gates installed by a professional. Doing so will ensure your fence is a functional and permanent feature on your industrial property for years to come.

Planning Errors – The first step to an effective fence installation in Toronto is proper planning. Most first-time fence installers get stuck with either an ineffective plan or no plan at all, resulting in errors and oversights that could have been avoided by experienced professionals. The team at City Fence will take into account the unique look, requirements, landscaping and structural elements of your property so that your new fence fits seamlessly. That means a more aesthetic look for your business and less repair costs over time.

Property Boundaries – Where you think your property ends and where it really extends to can be quite different. While you may think you know where the neighbouring business owner’s lot begins, checking official documents and hiring experts will ensure that your fence is installed on your industrial property alone, and that it accurately marks and encloses the border of your business. Don’t get caught infringing on your neighbour’s property or excluding part of your own. Hire the Toronto fence contractors at City Fence to ensure your property is fenced to look its best and complies with zoning bylaws.

Zoning Laws
– Laws, codes and regulations pertaining to fences on commercial properties vary depending on the location of your business. Some areas have very strict laws, whereas others only offer vague guidelines. Fence height, property boundaries, and specifications based on the type of property and business (for example, if there is a pool or other body of water or livestock) may be addressed in zoning laws. Ignoring these guidelines is a big mistake and will likely result in a complete project do-over and a hefty fine. It is therefore important to hire professionals who are well-versed in local laws to save you time and money.

Technique – Proper fence installation means stable, secure, and properly positioned posts. The fence installation process for Toronto properties can be tedious, but it is worth the time it takes for a long lasting and durable fence. Inexperienced fence installers will assume driving the posts into the ground without proper anchoring will be sufficient, but with strong winds, widely varying weather elements, and the potential for kids or animals to be climbing your fence, you will want the assurance of strong anchoring and a job done right.


Don’t get stuck re-installing a broken, sagging or illegally placed fence on your commercial property! Call City Fence and get the job done right the first time. We can also take care of repairs for a job that was done incorrectly. Our team of experienced contractors offers fence installations and fence repairs in Toronto year round.

Contact City Fence for more information about installing iron gates or chain link fences. Located in Bolton, we also service surrounding areas including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Richmond Hill and beyond.

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