Fence surrounding a swimming pool area in Toronto

Fence Installation in Toronto Provides an Added Layer of Swimming Pool Safety

Seeking professional help from established fence contractors in Toronto to secure your public or condo building’s pool fence can help you protect your property and its users as well as avoid lawsuits. Swimming pools carry inherent risk and require a proper maintenance routine and fence enclosures to protect against potential negligence claims. Owners of public pools are liable for injuries suffered by parties who use the facility, particularly if the conditions are dangerous. That is why it is crucial to have safety precautions in place that control access to the pool when unmonitored.


Bylaw Enforcement for Fence Installation in Toronto

Did you know, under the City of Toronto’s bylaws, a pool requires a pool fence enclosure and a building permit is required for the construction of the fence? It is the law to follow restrictions on pool fences and fence heights in Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 447 – Fences.

According to the Municipal Code, the height of a pool fence depends on:

  • Whether the property is residential, commercial, non-residential, etc.
  • Where the fence will be located
  • If the fence is made of mesh, aluminum, steel, vinyl, etc.

If your property’s pool is more than 23.5 inches deep, you are required to install a fence before you fill the pool. This regulation also takes effect if you have an inflatable pool or man-made pond. Once you have obtained the permit to build your pool fence, you are required to contact your local Municipal Licensing & Standards office to schedule an inspection appointment.


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