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Fencing Uneven Terrain

Whether you’re fencing a commercial or industrial property, it’s important to make sure the installation is adequately performed. However, sloped terrain can make fence installation difficult and ultimately compromise the security and efficacy of the fence.

Luckily, the experts at City Fence are able to provide professional service, no matter the terrain.

The pros and cons of two types of fencing
When it comes to installing a fence on uneven terrain, you have two options:

• Sloped fencing
This style of fencing follows the grade of the land and is also referred to as raked or racked fencing. The bottom and top rails of the fence are parallel to the ground, but the posts are installed so they point straight up. Many people find this style more esthetically appealing because it fits with the landscape and doesn’t include jarring angles. Given this, it may be a good choice for commercial applications or for operations that receive clients regularly.

The downside is that this style of fencing can only be used on terrain that slopes gradually. Ground that rises more than a foot over a six-foot section is too steep.

• Stepped fencing
In contrast to sloped fencing, this style uses the same type of panels that would be employed on even terrain. The difference is that the panels are attached either higher or lower on the fence post, depending on the slope. It’s a less fluid style than sloped fencing but it’s also a lot more versatile, since it can be used both on steeply sloped land and on land that fluctuates considerably in grade. The end result looks like a staircase, hence the name.

While flexible and easy to install, stepped fencing is somewhat less secure than sloped fencing. This is because it will often leave gaps at the bottom of the fence. While small, these can be a concern for certain applications, especially when access control is a priority. It could also be an issue for operations that struggle with pest control, as small animals will likely be able to slip through.

Expert fence builders in Toronto

Difficult terrain shouldn’t prevent you from ensuring that your property is safe and secure. For everything from fence repairs to specialized installations, you can rely on the experienced professionals at City Fence. Contact us today to discuss your project or to find out how to get a free quote.

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