A securely fenced commercial property in Toronto


If you are concerned about the structural integrity of your commercial fence, don’t wait to make any necessary repairs or adjustments. Unfortunately, not all commercial fencing is as secure as it should be, which can leave your property vulnerable to theft. This can have a huge impact on your business, especially if the vandals have targeted important and expensive equipment and materials. Not only will you be responsible for replacing all of your stock, but your insurance premiums may also go through the roof.

Factors to look for in a Secure Fence

You can avoid expensive property damage and loss by regularly inspecting the following areas of your fence and taking any necessary measures to keep it safe and secure.

  • The top part of the fence - Even with a high chain link fence, intruders can simply climb over by putting their feet through the holes in the fence. However, if the top consists of razor wire or bends over towards the outside, it can deter vandals from trespassing on your property.
  • The bottom part of the fence - It is possible for someone to enter your property by digging a hole under the fence, even if it is ground level. You can prevent this from happening with a cement base, which leaves no room for thieves to climb beneath it.
  • Through the fence - Investing in a solid and strong fence means burglars will not be able to get through by cutting the wire or driving into it. City Fence has a wide range of high quality fencing options that are designed to provide optimal security, strength and durability, protecting your investment from intruders.
  • Trees close to the fence - If your fence has been installed around an area with growing trees, you may have a security problem, especially if a strong branch extends over the fence. Burglars can easily climb the tree to make their way over into your property. Choosing a company that specializes in commercial fence installation in Toronto is the best way to eliminate this type of risk to your property.
  • The fence is weak – It is crucial to ensure your fence’s hinges and locks are secure and all posts are strong. If you suspect that your fence is not as secure as it should be, City Fence can offer affordable repair services to restore it quickly and effectively.

Making the necessary adjustments and repairs to any weak areas of your fence can protect your business from potential break-ins. City Fence has over 35 years of experience in security fence installations for all types of commercial and industrial properties, as well as sensitive projects including police stations, jails, courts, and governments railways. We also offer free, onsite estimates to better serve you.

Call City Fence today at 416-506-0135 to learn more about our security fences for commercial and industrial properties. You can also contact us online with any questions about fence installation in Toronto and we will get back to you soon.

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