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Many business owners do not think about how the fences on their commercial or industrial properties may be affected by the cold and snow during the winter. If you operate a business in Toronto or Mississauga, fencing may be your last thought, however it’s important to take the necessary steps to prepare your property for the winter and maintain its appearance and ability to provide security all year long.

While the first few months of winter have been fairly warm, the cold weather is inevitably on its way. The constant moisture, freezing rain, snow, ice and fluctuating temperatures will all begin to wreak havoc on your fence.

Your fence may act like a fortress around your business or simply add to the décor – either way, it’s important to conduct preventative maintenance to keep your fence strong year after year and avoid unnecessary repairs come the spring.


Below are a few easy and inexpensive steps you or a reliable fencing contractor can take each winter to improve the longevity of your commercial fence.

  1. Remove leaves and other debris. By doing so, air and moisture will not become trapped around the base of your fence which will help to prevent your fence from rotting when the snow begins to melt in the spring.
  2. Apply a protective seal or stain. A coating of fence stain or sealant before winter’s arrival will protect your fence from seasonal damage.
  3. Clean cement footings. Keeping your cement footings clear of dirt and debris will reduce the amount of moisture it retains and help prevent cracking.
  4. Ensure the fence is firmly in the ground before it freezes. Extreme weather conditions can cause your fence to contract. Then the fence posts will shift around making it impossible to secure the latches on your gates.
  5. Check for damage and weathering. If any structural damage is found, have it repaired immediately to prevent it from getting worse during the winter.
  6. Replace broken parts. Sagging fences, broken gates or loose posts should be fixed right away to restore security.


At City Fence, we carry a wide selection of fences, including wrought iron fences, to suit your commercial and industrial needs. Our fences will withstand heavy amounts of snow and ice to get you through winter each year. If you have an older fence that needs repairing, we are among the top fencing companies in Toronto and can assist with repairs or new installations.

We provide emergency services and can provide guidance on how to prepare your fence for the cold winter months ahead. Speak to our fencing experts serving Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan and surrounding areas today to book winter maintenance.

Contact us today for a free quote online or call us at 416-506-0135.

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