Indoor Commercial Fencing in Ontario

Why Should You Consider Indoor Fencing for Your Business in Mississauga, Vaughan and Greater Toronto Area?

Since the dawning of humanity, people have been dividing up the world into different spaces for different purposes with both the need for and ability to create specialized spaces becoming part of our everyday world. Increasingly, what was once considered an outside material, is coming indoors.

City Fence regularly installs our fencing products in a variety of industries and businesses including: retail outlets and shopping centres; public works and utilities; and manufacturing, storage and distribution, school boards, and government facilities. Be sure to check municipal bylaws in the planning stage and note that you are required to follow the restrictions on fences and fence heights in Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 447 - Fences, on private property including residential and non-residential uses, and for any permits that may be required.


Commercial indoor fencing is an option that can upgrade the organization and security of your business. There is a myriad of uses of indoor fencing that can contribute to the efficient running and growth of your organization. Indoor fencing can upgrade aesthetics as well as boost security around data centers, electrical, medical or industrial equipment, or storage areas and warehouses to secure files and records, sensitive materials, chemicals and inventory from unauthorized access, expensive damages, and theft. Locking gates and doors can be easily incorporated in the system and their open design allows for circulation of HVAC, indoor lighting, and fire suppression systems too.

Chain link fencing can be an ideal option for businesses and industrial complexes of any size. A chain link fence benefits include:
  • Security - Chain link fences provide a strong, transparent barrier that can be augmented by various heights of fencing and barbed wire to halt climbing access.
  • Durability - Galvanized steel is an anti-corrosion material to prevent weather damage allowing many years of use.
  • Low material cost - Chain link is less expensive than other fencing materials.
  • Ease of maintenance and repair - There is virtually no upkeep and any areas that are damaged due to accident, vandalism, or age can be cut out and replaced easily and seamlessly.


Greater Toronto Area businesses can count on the talented team at City Fence. With over 35 years of experience, City Fence installs durable, long-lasting, new fences made with quality materials and repairs fences that have been damaged for both commercial and industrial uses. Call City Fence at 416-506-0135 today for all your commercial and industrial fencing solutions.