Make sure your commercial fence stands up to cars and trucks

Did you know that damage to your commercial fence is most likely to be caused by a vehicle? To avoid costly repair, you need a strong fence that can withstand heavy impacts. The contractors at City Fence can recommend the best fence for your Mississauga or Toronto business

Fences that can withstand impact

Two types of fences that we often work with are chain link and wrought iron. Both types are great for commercial uses, and by installing bollards, your fence will be even more protected from impact from cars or trucks.

• Chain link
A chain-link fence is practical for many reasons: it’s inexpensive, durable and relatively strong. However, the mesh is prone to bending and denting if hit hard enough. To avoid this kind of damage, make sure you have the strongest fence possible. The strength of the chain link is measured by the gauge of the steel wire it’s made of and the size of the weave. For commercial fences, we recommend nine-gauge and two-inch mesh or stronger for both.

• Wrought iron
For businesses that want both security and curb appeal, wrought iron fences are a good choice. These attractive fences are incredibly strong and will withstand the temperamental Toronto weather. These fences can rust so they require more upkeep than chain link. However, their strength means that they usually won’t budge if hit by a vehicle.

• Bollards
Bollards will provide extra protection to your fences in the areas most likely to be hit by a car or truck. Often used to direct traffic or deter drivers from going somewhere off limits, bollards are short, strong vertical posts embedded in the ground. They’re less likely to be damaged when hit by a vehicle than your fence is.

We repair all types of fences
If your chain-link fence is damaged by a vehicle or for any other reason, we can easily fix it. Broken or bent posts and rails can be swapped out, and if the wire mesh is stretched or damaged, we’ll just cut out the area and weave in new mesh. Because wrought iron is so solid, a collision probably won’t damage it, but if it does, we can straighten or repair any loose or broken parts.

If your Richmond Hill or Mississauga business’s fencing is damaged, City Fence should be the first company you call for reliable and affordable repair services. We install, maintain and repair commercial and industrial fencing for companies all over the GTA. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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