Need commercial fencing? Most fencing companies will offer you both fence rental and purchase in Toronto—and there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Let’s take a look at five factors to consider when deciding between the rental and purchase of commercial fencing:

  1. Project duration. Is your installation permanent or in place for a long time? If yes, then buying the commercial fence is probably your best bet. The fencing will likely pay itself off over the long haul. If, however, you only need the fencing for a specific event or for a short while, then the convenience and lower up-front cost of fence rental in Toronto is hard to beat.
  2. Project repetition. Is your need for commercial fencing in Toronto a one-time thing or do you expect more of the same in the future? This is another important consideration. If you will need the same fencing repeatedly in the future, then purchase rather than fence rental in Toronto might be the way to go. Over the long run, the cost per use will likely be lower if you buy the commercial fencing in Toronto.
  3. Inventory management. One of the big advantages of fence rental in Toronto is not having to manage the inventory. Convenience is by far the biggest advantage of fence rental. Fencing companies specialize in fence installation and tear-down: they’ll drive it in, set it up, tear it down and take it away. You won’t have to lift a finger! If you buy the fence, however, you have to hire a crew to transport, set up and tear down and you need the space to store the fencing between uses. No small consideration!
  4. Cash-flow. Buying a commercial fence entails a big cash outlay. Rental, however, is pay-per-use and written off as a project expense, which simplifies your bookkeeping and does away with the need to lock up your money in a long-term capital purchase.
  5. Option availability. When you opt for fence rental in Toronto, you maintain the flexibility to pick and choose among the many rental options available—like shade cloth, gates, privacy screens, number of panels and padlocks—as you need them, without having to buy them. Another money-saver!


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