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Repairing your chain link fence is a great idea in any season

In Canada, we value our summers. We don’t want to waste any part of them on unnecessary repairs or maintenance that can be easily done during the colder months. City Fence provides fence repair services to the Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga areas, and we’d like to let our customers know about a few reasons that taking care of your fence repair during the fall or winter is a great idea.

• Repairs won’t interfere with your summer plans. We should state the obvious first: for most businesses, summer is a busy time of year. Whatever you can get done in the winter you should, and that includes fence repair.

• Repairs in winter will have less of an impact on your property. Many people think that fence repair in the winter isn’t a good idea because the ground is too hard. While this is true if the ground is absolutely rock-solid, if it’s only a little frozen, putting up fencing is perfectly manageable. What’s more, with more solid ground, having workpeople and equipment on your property will have significantly less impact on the soil and landscape.

• It’s just plain cheaper. Fencing contractors typically experience business cycles that match the seasons. More people want work done in the summer, which means that the cost of labour increases in these months. When demand is lower in the colder months, the cost of labour decreases, and the overall price of getting a fence repaired or installed also falls as a result.

• It’s also faster. Not only is labour cheaper in the colder months, the work almost always goes much faster as well. Because there’s less demand, more resources can be concentrated on your fence. This means the job usually gets done faster, saving you even more on labour costs.

If you thought it wasn’t a good idea to get your fence repaired in the winter, you should think again. For all these reasons and more, it might even be best to call your local fencing companies in the winter rather than in the summer. To learn more about how easy it is to get reliable fence repair services in the Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga areas, contact us at City Fence today.

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