Chain Link fence in Ontario

Seasonal Maintenance of Chain Link Fences in Brampton, Oakville and Greater Toronto Area

Practical, utilitarian, and relatively inexpensive, chain link fencing and gates are meant to be there for safety, security, and privacy, but if they are not taken care of your property is not safe, secure, or private. Now that the autumn has arrived, it’s time to inspect your fencing and gates for signs of damage that should be repaired or replaced.


At City Fence, we have been installing new fences, and maintaining and repairing damaged fences, for over 35 years in Toronto. Our fences our extra-durable so they’ll get you through each cold winter, year after year. Because we’ve installed thousands of fencing products over the years, we understand your commercial needs, and offer these tips on regular chain link fence maintenance:

  • Check metal upright and supporting posts for wear and tear, and rust. If they weren’t concreted into the ground, they might also shift. Remember that all upright, supporting poles should be at right angles to the ground.
  • Variations in humidity can cause the metal to rust or corrode at the points where your fence is held together - the chain link, the hinges, locks, clasps, and fencing bars – leaving gates too small or lose over time. Replace any metal parts that have been warped, cracked, corroded, or broken as soon as you notice deterioration, rather than leaving it weak and vulnerable to intruders, storms, and even everyday use while waiting for the problem to compound. Make sure you use materials that are made for a Canadian climate, and keep your fence and gate coated with weather treatment.
  • The chain link itself doesn’t damage easily, though it can be if something heavy falls against it, a dead tree for example. It also isn’t easily cut, but bad things do happen, and if criminals do manage to cut or force their way through fencing, it should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • If your fence has become a dirt and litter trap, you’ll need to clean it. Accumulated mud, bird droppings and other debris can damage both the fence and your organizations reputation, as well as become a safety risk.

Greater Toronto Area businesses can count on the talented team at City Fence. With over 35 years of experience, call City Fence at 416-506-0135 today with your fencing questions for all your commercial and industrial fencing solutions.