Swing or Cantilever?

Security gates are a smart investment for an industrial or commercial complex. They offer a convenient way to monitor and control access to your facilities and reduce the risk of materials getting stolen. Choosing the right type of gate will ensure you get the most out of it, so here’s what you need to know about swing and cantilever gates.

Swing gates

These open by swinging either inward or outward, like standard doors. Thanks to their simple design, they come with some advantages: 

• They’re relatively inexpensive
• Manual models don’t require much maintenance
• They’re easy to install
• They can be automated if needed

This simplicity comes at a price, however. First, swing gates require a lot of space to operate, making them a poor choice if the available area for them is minimal. They’re also much more dangerous than cantilever gates, especially when automated. An automatic swing gate can cause serious injuries. Finally, most commercial and industrial applications require double swing gates, meaning increased space requirements and potentially higher costs.

Cantilever gates

These are sliding gates suspended on a series of mounting posts. The posts are equipped with wheels to allow the gate to open and close. Since there’s no contact with the ground, cantilever gates are great for use in areas that receive a lot of ice and snow. Other advantages include:

• They’re much safer than swing gates
• They require less space than swing gates
• They’re easy to maintain thanks to durable enclosed rollers
• For large openings, they can be less expensive than swing gates

While cantilever gates don’t have the wide, unwieldy opening arc of swing gates, they do require enough space to retract fully, which means they may not work well when there’s limited space on the sides of the entryway. Installing the support posts can also be complicated, especially when there’s a slope in the driveway.

How to choose the right gate

Aside from budget and space considerations, it’s important to take your other needs into account as well as factors such as how often the gate has to be opened or whether it opens onto a busy street. Most security gates can be customized to suit your specific requirements, so working with a professional is the best way to ensure you choose the right one.

Gate experts in Toronto

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