Three repairs your commercial fence needs before winter

Like it or not, winter is approaching quickly. As tough and durable as your wrought iron or chain-link fence is, harsh weather and snow can still take a toll. Before the cold weather arrives, call the contractors at City Fence to repair any broken or damaged parts of your Toronto or Mississauga commercial fence so it stay strong and secure well into next spring.

Repairs that need to be done before winter

It’s much easier for trespassers to get past a sagging or broken fence than one that’s in good condition. To protect your property, make sure you fix these three problems before they get worse:

1. Broken or unbalanced posts: if your fence posts are unstable, the change in weather can make the ground shift and cause the posts to lean even more or fall altogether, bringing your fence down with it. The weight of snow can also cause them to lean, which makes the whole fence sag. A fencing professional can easily reposition and secure leaning posts with a bit of concrete and replace broken ones with new, stable posts.

2. Rusty spots: wrought iron and chain-link fences are treated with protective paints and special coatings, but if they’re chipped or damaged, the metal can begin to rust. If the rust’s not removed completely right away, melting snow in late winter can cause even more to appear. Removing rust from wrought iron is as simple as sanding it off and repainting the area. On chain-link fences, the rust is sanded off, and a rust inhibitor is applied. If the chain-link material gets too rusty, that section of the fence can be replaced altogether.

3. Sagging gates: if you’re having trouble opening and closing your gates because they’re sagging, they need to be fixed before the heavy snow and strong winds get here and make the damage even worse. Sagging gates are caused by problems with either the posts or the hinges. An expert in fence repair will know whether the posts need to be repositioned and secured, or if the sagging is caused by broken or rusted hinges that need to be replaced.

If you’re in Richmond Hill, Mississauga or anywhere else in the GTA and want to be sure that your fences are ready for the winter, City Fence offers repair services for commercial and industrial fencing. Doing small repairs when necessary can keep companies’ premises safe all year long. Contact us now to request a quote or to make an appointment.

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