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4 Common Fencing Mistakes

Although installing a commercial fence yourself or hiring an amateur to do the job may seem like a way to save money, it comes with many risks. Even the most well-intentioned DIYers often make mistakes that could cost you thousands of extra dollars. Here are four common pitfalls.

1. Forgetting to check property lines

Although you probably know where your property line starts and ends, inexperienced fence installers don’t. They’re often in a rush and may not take the time to double-check your property boundaries and end up encroaching on your neighbour’s land. This can be a costly mistake because the business next door can force you to tear everything down and start again.

2. Failing to research zoning by-laws

Most cities and communities have regulations and restrictions when it comes to fencing. For example, there may be limits on how high your fence can be. You may also need to build your fence away from sidewalks and streets. If you don’t research your local zoning by-laws or get the necessary permits, you may be fined and ordered to tear down the fence.

3. Not calling before you dig

When installing wood, chain-link or ornamental iron fences, you must dig deep holes in the ground. Before digging, you must call local utility companies to ensure you don’t hit underground water pipes, electric cables or natural gas lines. Damaging these lines can have disastrous consequences and cut power, water or internet to your entire industrial park. You may also be heavily fined for doing so.

4. Starting to build without a plan

Building a fence is more complicated than just installing posts and railings. You must carefully design your fence to determine the required materials. How many fence posts will you need? How about screws? You may also need to purchase different-sized sections to compensate for hills or angles.

Moreover, building a fence haphazardly could end up costing you more in fencing upkeep and maintenance. You could also be stuck with an expensive fence repair in the future.

Fence installation, maintenance and repair in Toronto

Don’t leave the security of your business to amateurs. Trust the experts at City Fence. We don’t sub-contract out any of our services. This means one of our experienced, professional contractors will be on-site overseeing every step of your commercial fence installation to ensure everything is done to code. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get a free quote.


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