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5 Ways to Protect Your Company Vehicles at Night

Company vehicles left outside in a commercial or industrial parking lot are a target for thieves and vandals. It’s up to you to protect your fleet, save your business money and reduce downtime. Here are five basic steps to protect your company vehicles at night.

  1. Install security fencing The number one thing you can do to protect your vehicles is to install security fencing along the perimeter of your property. Whether chain-link or ornamental iron fences, a sturdy, high fence will deter the most determined thief. Ensure your fence is at least 1.8 metres tall and the wire is nine-gauge or lower for stability.

  2. Install an automatic security gate The most important part of your perimeter is an automatic security gate. It doesn’t matter how durable your fencing is; if your gate is flimsy and weak, it’s all for nothing. Choose between sliding and swing gates, depending on what type of vehicles will use the entrance most. Add access control mechanisms to restrict further who’s allowed onto your property. Access controls can also store data on who enters your property and when.

  3. Improve lighting Thieves work under cover of darkness, so ensure your parking lot has lighting 24 hours a day. Ensure there are no dark corners where intruders can hide. Include pathways, stairwells, entrances and exits. Lights with motion sensors can startle thieves and make them think twice.

  4. Hire a security guard A security guard is an effective security tool to protect vehicles and equipment. A person patrolling the property can thoroughly check for trespassers and will deter most thieves. However, not even the best security can scout your entire property at once.

  5. Install security cameras Cameras provide an extra layer of security that thieves must contend with if they intend to enter your property. Besides a deterrent, cameras can help law enforcement track down criminals if someone breaches your security perimeter and steals or damages your property. Ensure numerous signs around the property declare the presence of cameras and your other security measures so that would-be thieves will move on.

Industrial and commercial security fencing in Toronto and the GTA

At City Fence Inc., we have the materials and installation technicians required to give you the best commercial or industrial security fencing. We also carry quality construction fencing and can install an indoor partition fence for your business. We’ve been trusted fence builders in Toronto for more than 35 years. Contact us today to request a fence installation and get an estimate.


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