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6 Benefits of Construction Site Fencing


Fencing is a required safety feature on any construction site, but it also offers many benefits. Indeed, installing a construction fence can benefit your crew, protect the public and safeguard your property. Here are several benefits of installing construction site fencing.


1. Prevents vandalism and theft

Installing a fence around your construction site creates a security perimeter that protects your equipment and the project at large from thieves and vandals. Construction sites are notorious targets for petty criminals, as these areas are typically located in remote, dark places.


2. Protects the public

Contractors have a responsibility to protect the public from dangerous equipment, falling debris and hazardous terrain. You may be liable for a lawsuit if you don’t take preventive measures to secure your job site.


Ontario regulations state, “If work on a project may endanger a person using a public way, a sturdy fence at 1.8 metres in height shall be constructed between the public way and the project.”


Make sure you check with local by-laws to ensure your construction site is legal.


3. Controls traffic

As a project manager, you need to know who’s entering and leaving your job site, including all subcontractors, employees and suppliers. A construction fence with a designated security gate gives you control over how and when people enter your site. Access control systems can prevent unauthorized personnel from getting in.


4. Markets your business

A construction site fence allows you to advertise your project or company. New building projects often rouse public curiosity as people speculate on what’s happening. Promoting your business on your fence will create high visibility and require no billboard rental fees.


5. Reduces your insurance premiums

A professionally installed construction fence can reduce your insurance rates. Plus, without a proper fence, you may have trouble making a claim if your equipment is stolen or damaged.


6. Keeps out squatters

Homelessness is an unfortunate reality in most cities, and many people who live on the street shelter overnight on construction sites. If your crew arrives in the morning to find that someone has turned your job site into their home, it could pose a problem.


Construction fence installation in the GTA

The fence builders at City Fence help protect Toronto construction sites by offering a complete range of fencing products and services. We offer construction fence installation services and products such as chain link fencing, partitions, security gates and more. To arrange a free on-site quote, contact us today.


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