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A Brief Guide to Industrial Fencing By-laws in Mississauga

One of the best ways to protect your industrial property from unwanted visitors and safeguard your business from potential threats is by installing a security fence on your property. Fences can provide you with a number of benefits including aesthetic appeal, solitude, privacy, access control to separate on-site locations, and more. But before you go ahead and install your property fence, you must ensure it adheres to strict city by-laws and regulations. If your business is located in Mississauga and you plan to install a security fence, read on to learn what’s expected of you to prevent complicated situations and expensive fines.


Though you do not require a permit to install a fence, fencing by-laws are in place to regulate the placement, height and appearance of fences in residential and commercial areas. In an effort to ensure the public’s safety and maintain an acceptable appearance, the following regulations must be taken into account prior to your fence installation:

According to the by-law, a fence is any type of wall, railing, hedge, shrubs or gate which is used to enclose, divide or establish a property line.

If you plan to install a fence to enclose a swimming pool or fish pond, it must comply with the Swimming Pool Enclosure By-law 191-11.

In most situations, the maximum height allowed for a typical fence in a rear or side yard is 6 feet, 7 inches.

Fences cannot be installed on city property, highways or road allowances.

They must be maintained and in good standing at all times.



Whether you want to keep your property and valuables secure against intruders or avert property damage, City Fence can provide you with customized fence and gate options to meet your specific property needs. We have been helping commercial businesses secure their properties for over 35 years, so you know we have the expertise and knowledge to tackle your commercial fencing project, no matter how large or small. You can also have confidence knowing that our products and services offer the best blend of security, aesthetics and durability, so you can get the most value for your investment.

Call City Fence today at 416-506-0135 or contact us online and we will get back to you soon. We look forward to designing, constructing and installing your Mississauga fencing project to help secure your business property.

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