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Does My Business Need a Fence?

Fencing on outer surface of house

Fencing may be essential to your business’s security and the safety of your workers, or it may just be a sensible property enhancement. If you’re wondering whether fencing is a worthwhile investment in your commercial property, here are three things to consider.

  • Safety and security

Every business space contains valuable assets. If your commercial buildings house costly equipment or large amounts of inventory, a fence is an essential layer of defence against intrusion or theft. You can limit and monitor employee access for an added level of security by equipping your gates with a system for access control

If you need strong protection but want your business to look inviting to customers, ornamental fencing options with security capabilities may strike the ideal balance. The right fence can be appealing to your clients while at the same time deterring intruders. 

  • Visual privacy

When you need to protect the privacy of your clients or employees, a fence is essential. A daycare centre must protect its vulnerable clients. A law firm, or even a spa, may want to prioritize client privacy by limiting visibility. The right choice of fencing will help your visitors know they’re well cared for. 

The obscured visibility of a privacy fence can also serve a security function for your business, keeping your assets out of sight and hopefully out of mind. 

  • Curb appeal

When it’s well maintained, appropriate ornamental fencing will make your property more inviting or impressive to your desired clientele. If you have rental space on the property, fencing is a feature that can add to your potential rental income.

A privacy fence can hide unsightly areas like dumpsters and loading docks, giving your property a more elegant or refined appearance. Dumpster enclosures can also help deter pests and limit the accumulation of litter.

  • Resale value

If you own your commercial property, you can increase its resale value by installing quality fencing with security features. Prospective buyers will regard a well-built fence as a desirable feature they won’t have to pay for themselves. 

Where your fencing enhances security or safety measures, an appropriate fence may even reduce insurance premiums. Be sure your installer is up to date on current fencing bylaws.  

Fence installation in the GTA

City Fence Inc. has been your trusted source for fence builders in Toronto for more than three decades. Depend on us for expert repairs to your existing gate and fencing, or ask us about the latest ornamental and security fencing. Contact us to request a quote on your fencing project.


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