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How a Construction Company Can Create a Safe Worksite

Danger sign on a fence guarding construction site

Construction sites are dangerous places. In fact, dozens of construction workers are killed on the job every year in Canada. Construction companies are responsible for ensuring their job sites are as safe as possible, and choosing the correct construction fence is an essential part of the process. Here are some ways you can create a safe worksite.

Make a plan

Before shovels hit the ground, look at the project blueprints and identify and establish the perimeters of the construction site. Be sure to include zones such as parking areas and spaces for employee breaks. These perimeters are where you should install your construction fence. This is also the time to identify the best locations for security gates to allow pedestrian and vehicle access.

When planning your construction fence perimeter, remember you’re building a fence to protect your employees and the public. Dangerous zones requiring fencing include:

· Places where equipment is at work

· Areas with trenches or excavations

· Spaces with a lot of foot or vehicular traffic

· Access points to electricity

· Areas with scaffolding

Additionally, design your construction fence and gates to protect your assets from vandalism and theft.

Choose a type of construction fence

There are a few types of construction fence materials to choose from, but the most popular is chain link fencing. Chain link is inexpensive and easy to install and maintain. Chain link also withstands extreme weather conditions better than temporary plastic fencing. You can also incorporate privacy slats with chain link to protect your site from curious onlookers and potential thieves.

Install signage and flags

Signs warning employees and the public about possible hazards are essential to construction site safety. Signs can convey the mandatory use of personal protective equipment (PPE), help identify restricted areas and direct visitors to the site office.

Use indoor fencing

Fencing is just as important for indoor construction sites as it is for outdoor spaces. An indoor fence is essential when you’re working in shopping malls, hospitals and apartment buildings to keep pedestrians safe. Additionally, an indoor construction fence is an effective way to protect tools and equipment.

Construction fence and gate installation for Toronto job sites

City Fence Inc. works directly with construction site managers to provide fence design, installation and maintenance services for job sites of all sizes. We also offer a wide variety of security gates. We serve commercial and industrial clients across the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today to speak with one of our construction fence experts, or get an online quote.


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