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How do you repair a chain link fence?

Although a chain link fence is tough, that doesn’t mean it’s impervious. Luckily, if your business’ fence has somehow been damaged, fencing companies are just a phone call away. We at City Fence Inc. serve the Toronto, Brampton and Oakville areas and we’d like to let you know just what goes into repairing a chain link fence.

What kinds of damage require repair?

You may not have thought about it much but it’s a good idea to take a minute and consider what kinds of damage to a fence require repair. If there’s just a small dent in a rail or a single link broken, does this mean it’s time to call the repairperson? To a certain extent, it’s a judgment call that you’ll have to make yourself. You should keep in mind, however, that even small amounts of damage could compromise the integrity of your fence and lead to more serious problems in the future.

Most fences are stretched tightly across their posts to keep tension in the fencing. If even just a few links are broken, however, this tension is more likely to be released over time, and your fence can begin to sag. Similarly, even small dents in your railings can, over time, become prime targets for rusting. Maintenance is always cheaper than extensive repairs, so it’s usually a good idea to call us at City Fence Inc. sooner rather than later.

What are a few common kinds of repair?

Luckily, repairing a chain link fence is often a simple and low-cost job. Some common repairs include:

Repositioning posts: whether there’s been an accident that has caused one of your posts to shift in the ground, or the ground itself has changed due to bad weather or some other uncontrollable event, posts do sometimes need to be repositioned to retain the tension in the fence. This involves digging a hole around a post, getting it in the right place and pouring a little concrete to keep it stable.

Replacing the fence itself: chain link fences aren’t very expensive, so if there’s a section of fence that’s broken, the easiest and most efficient thing to do is to simply replace a portion of the fence itself. This is just a matter of cutting out the damaged section with a saw and weaving new fence in its place.

Replacing rails: sometimes trees fall on a fence and thereby cause the top railing to bend. Like a fence itself, the bent section of a rail can simply be removed and another can be installed in its place.

Who should I call for chain link fence repair?

If you’re looking at fencing companies to handle repairs on your chain link fence, contact us at City Fence Inc. today. We’ve been serving the Toronto, Brampton and Oakville areas for over thirty-five years and are standing by to help you with your business’ fence related issues.


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