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How to Install a Chain Link Fence


Installing a chain link fence is a durable and inexpensive way to protect your commercial or industrial property. The galvanized steel is resistant to rust and available in a range of sizes and colours. This type of fence is also relatively easy to install. Here’s an overview.


1. Set the posts

Once the area you wish to fence off is delineated, you need to make holes for the posts. The necessary width and depth of each hole depends on whether you’re installing the fence in soil, asphalt or concrete. The holes for corner, gate and end posts should be larger to provide more stability.


Pour wet concrete into the holes and insert each post, making sure they’re level. Let the concrete cure for a few days before installing the mesh. Alternatively, you can secure the posts to a concrete slab using anchored brackets.


2. Attach the hardware

Slip two brace bands onto each end and corner post. The bottom band is used to secure the tension wire along the base of the fence. The top band supports the rail with the help of rail end cups.


To hold the mesh in place you’ll also need to place tension bands on each end and corner post. The necessary number of tension bands depends on the height of the fence.


Finally, attach a loop cap to the top of each post.


3. Install the rails

Slide each segment of rail horizontally through the loop caps on top of the posts. Make sure to line up the swedged ends with the regular ends so the rails fit together securely. If the fence isn’t custom-designed, you’ll likely need to cut the final piece of rail to match the length of the fence. Once the rails are in place, tighten the brace bands.


4. Secure the mesh

Roll out the mesh and slip a tension bar between the links at one end. This will be used to attach the fence fabric to the tension bands. Once the mesh is secured to one end of the fence, pull it taught using a fence puller and secure the opposite end to the far post.


Finally, attach the mesh to the rails using aluminium tie wire and run the tension wire through the bottom loops of the fence.


Fence installation in Toronto

Whether you want to install a chain link fence around a new complex or upgrade an existing building’s security, the experts at City Fence can help. We offer fence installation, repair and rental services throughout the Toronto area. For more information about our products, prices and services, contact us today.


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