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The Power of Advertising With Fences on Construction Sites

You have a powerful advertising tool at your disposal, and you may not even know it. The construction fence installation on your Toronto building site is prime real estate for advertisements. Not only can you sell the ad space, but you can use it to promote your project and generate neighbourhood interest long before the construction is done.


Worksite boundaries are fenced off with chain link to reduce liability and keep the grounds secure. Instead of letting the chain link surface greet those driving or walking by, you could take advantage of the opportunities for advertising on a space you already own.

Here are some benefits of advertising with fences:

Cost-Effective Advertising: You are not purchasing advertising space or renting it; instead, you are using space you own on a barrier you have already paid to install as part of your project’s requirements. The cost of advertising materials, such as a colourful mesh banner, will be nominal compared to the promotional and display value. After all, you are reaching thousands of people per day for a fraction of what a billboard would have cost.

Opportunity to Generate Income: In addition to advertising your project on the exterior of your fence, you can also rent space for local companies on your fencing. If you have vendors working on your construction site, consider exchanging free advertising on the fencing for discounted work.

Improves Aesthetics of the Construction Site: A construction site is full of debris and often looks messy from the exterior. When you cover your chain link fence with advertisements, you have added an attractive appeal to your site and no longer are you bringing down the aesthetics of the neighbourhood.

Develop Brand Awareness: Whether you are building a new condominium that needs to generate buyers or you are a construction firm in need of increased brand awareness, fence advertising is perfect. You can notify the public about the project, which company is constructing it, and how to get in touch. Just make sure your logo is present on the advertisements so that consumers will recognize your logo again when it is advertised elsewhere.


Depending on the construction project, your chain link fence could be up for weeks or months. Therefore, you need a quality fence that is installed by a professional contractor, like City Fence.

City Fence offers commercial fencing for general contractors, landscapers, and property managers that need to cordon off a particular area from the public. Our fences feature high-quality steel, so you do not have to worry about rust bringing down the value of your project.

Most importantly, our installations give you a prime opportunity for advertising with fences around your job site.

Call the City Fence team today to inquire about a fence installation in Toronto at 416-506-0135 or contact us online. We offer no obligation quotes for all job site installations.


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