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When to Add Barbed Wire to Your Commercial Fencing

Adding barbed wire to your security fencing can give your property an extra layer of protection. The barbed wire looks intimidating and has many potential safety benefits for your business. Here are four industries where barbed wire adds value to commercial fencing.

  1. Agricultural operations Barbed wire fencing between wooden posts is a valuable and cost-effective way to secure large land areas. Barbed wire can mark property lines, protect valuable equipment and protect livestock from predators. Barbed wire is also helpful in containing animals such as cattle and sheep. Choose high-tensile barbed wire fencing that can withstand the weight of animals if they push up against the fence.

  2. Construction sites Construction sites are full of valuable tools and equipment and are potential targets for thieves and vandals. Adding barbed wire to chain link construction fencing makes it much more challenging for trespassers to scale and gain access to the site. Moreover, installing barbed wire to a construction fence will ensure curious kids don’t use your site as a playground and injure themselves. Barbed wire is easy and quick to install, making it a perfect fencing material for temporary job sites such as construction areas.

  3. Apartment and condo complexes Security is a high priority for property managers who care for apartment buildings, townhouses and condominium complexes. Barbed wire is a deterrent for anyone thinking of gaining illegal access to the property. Residents will also feel safer knowing the fencing is extra secure.

  4. Retailers Any retail business that needs fencing can benefit from adding barbed wire. A layer of barbed wire on the top of a chain link commercial fence enhances the perimeter’s security. Barbed wire is almost impossible to scale without injury and difficult to cut through without specialized tools. Retailers with valuable inventory, such as pharmacies, jewelry stores or electronics stores, may benefit from the extra security that barbed wire adds to the fence line.

You can also use barbed wire to create restricted access zones within a fenced industrial property. Speak to a fencing specialist to develop a fencing strategy for your business.

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