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Where to Install Partitions in a Warehouse

Partitioning your warehouse helps make the most of a large space. Well-placed partitions can improve workflow management, ensure worker safety and keep your assets secure. How do you determine what sections of your warehouse you should cordon off? Here are four considerations to help you decide where partitions will work for your operation. 

Traffic flow

When your business has many processes happening in one space, you need systems to contain each activity and promote efficient workflow and movement. Partitions enable you to restrict and manage equipment areas and workspaces safely. At the same time, these divisions isolate and control traffic flow for the safe and efficient movement of people and materials.  

Safety and security

Partitions are a must for areas that require employee safety to limit workers’ exposure to hazardous equipment and chemicals. When keeping items under lock and key, use partitions combined with an access control plan for added security. A suitable partitioning system can also safeguard against invasive pests that can damage your assets.


Temporary partitioning systems allow more efficient operations than fixed room dividers for dynamic businesses in constant flux. The flexibility of fence partitioning requires less time to reconfigure. With each change, you aren’t saddled with the cost of complicated installations like ductwork and heating systems. Installing partitions generally doesn’t require building permits, making your admin work easier to manage.

Inventory management

Partitioning is ideal for large or variable product quantities needing safe storage but easy access. A chain-link fence system provides optimal visibility of the contents, making inventory management processes less burdensome. The reconfigurability of fencing enables you to adapt to seasonal shifts in storage needs.

Fence partitions

Indoor fencing may be the most affordable and flexible solution for organizing your warehouse space. An indoor fence system is inexpensive and effective when you need flexibility and visibility in your layout. Interior fencing is reconfigurable and because they can be cut to form, fence partitions are ideal for spaces with irregular shapes, like the area under a stairwell or along walls with external ductwork.

Indoor fence installation in Toronto

At City Fence Inc., our commercial and industrial services go beyond fence installation and repair. When you need a partitioning system to manage workflow and storage, our experts can help you find the best solutions for your warehouse. Contact us today to request our partition and chain link fence prices or arrange an on-site consultation.


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