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Why Trash Enclosures Are Essential for Businesses

There are few things worse than pulling up to a business and seeing a pile of trash. The solution? A well-built trash enclosure. These fenced-in areas are perfect for concealing your commercial dumpsters and waste receptacles to keep your property clean and presentable. Here are four benefits of installing a trash enclosure on your commercial property.

1. Create a professional appearance. Trash littered around your property can negatively affect your company’s reputation. Installing an attractive trash enclosure can help keep your outdoor space tidy and welcoming and make a positive first impression on your customers.

2. Deter pests. Pests like rats, stray dogs and raccoons are attracted to food waste and can quickly get inside unprotected garbage bins. Investing in a trash enclosure can help prevent scavengers from rummaging through your garbage and dragging it out for everyone to see.

3. Prevent theft. An unprotected dumpster can be a target for theft. For instance, passersby can sift through your bins and find sensitive personal information they can use to take advantage of your business and its employees. Installing a secure fence around your trash bins can prevent this.

4. Restrict unauthorized dumping. If your dumpster isn’t enclosed in a secure area, strangers may take it as an invitation to use it for their personal trash. A locked trash enclosure makes it difficult for outsiders to use your trash bins without your permission.

Things to consider when building a trash enclosure

Once you’ve decided to invest in a trash enclosure for your business, you must choose a material. For example, chain link fencing is popular because it’s affordable, durable and low maintenance.

At City Fence Inc., our chain link enclosures can incorporate plastic privacy slats to make the area as discreet as possible. Our team can also help you design a trash enclosure made of wood or steel, depending on your esthetic and security requirements.

Moreover, the dimensions and design of your enclosure need to allow your employees to use the structure and for disposal trucks to access it. The entrance should be at least 4.5 metres wide and located in an area with at least six metres of clearance.

Trash enclosures in Toronto

At City Fence Inc., we have the indoor and outdoor fence products you need to keep your business neat and secure. We also provide gates, parking bollards and sound barrier walls. Our fence builders offer installation, repair and maintenance services for commercial and industrial customers in Toronto and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and get a free quote.


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