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Looking for a Construction or Emergency Fence Rental in Toronto?

It is stressful enough having to deal with the damages and lost time an emergency can inflict on your business and employees, but the situation can become far worse when safety is brought into the equation. How do you keep people from stumbling upon a treacherous situation that could lead to serious injury?

City Fence helps to alleviate danger by providing fence rentals in the Toronto area. In an emergency, we know there’s no time to spare. Our skilled contractors will show up quickly and install your temporary fencing so you can start to fix damages right away. With our help, you won’t have to worry about people getting access into dangerous areas.


Our chain link fences are quick to set up, durable, and secure in order to prevent people from getting hurt on your premises. With a quick assessment, City Fence’s experienced crew will assist you in figuring out how to best secure the area while maintaining accessibility with a fence rental in Toronto.

We have several options available to make your temporary fencing as convenient as possible. Quality iron gates are available anywhere you need them. We can even put up partitions to keep prying eyes away.

No matter the conditions—winter snowfall, high-security area, dangerous terrain, uneven surfaces, etc. — our crews are trained to maintain safety regulations on any job.

Trusted Fence Rentals for Toronto Job Sites

If you’re working on a job site and require a construction-grade fence for a period of time, we have many options available for you. When working in a public location, it’s important to alleviate danger and minimize risks to by-passers. Depending on the nature of your work, hazards could exist on the ground, above the ground, or due to hazardous chemicals or machinery being used on the site. To reduce the potential for injury, speak to our contractors today about a construction fence rental for your Toronto job site.

At City Fence, you can trust us to provide prompt, reliable service for emergency situations and job sites across the Greater Toronto Area. Fencing is the first step to gaining control of a potentially dangerous environment.

Keep your employees and customers safe in the event of an emergency by installing a rental fence on your Toronto property. Request a quote online or call us today at 416-506-0135.

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