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Construction Fencing for Job Sites in Mississauga & Greater Toronto

City Fence knows what it takes to deliver durable construction fencing to builders in Mississauga and across the Greater Toronto Area. For more than 35 years, we’ve worked directly with construction site managers and workers, helping to design, install and maintain fences for job sites of all sizes.


Put our decades of experience to work for your next project! We offer versatile services and a constant commitment to your satisfaction, making us a local favourite among many construction companies across the region.

Construction Fencing for Mississauga Job Sites

Benefits of Construction Site Fencing

Even temporary fencing is a smart investment that can reduce stress, costs and injury at your job site. Whether you are protecting the public from dangers that may exist in the vicinity, or securing the areas from trespassers, we offer construction fence rentals for your Toronto job site . Our team at City Fence will meet with you to understand the needs of the area and develop a customized solution to fit your budget. We can secure an area with chain link fencing , partitions , security gates , and much more.


Construction fencing is an easy way to boost safety and security at your worksite in Mississauga and Toronto. Fencing can help restrict access to the site, keeping only you and your employees on site, which in turn helps you facilitate workflow and reduce lag time. Fencing also helps prevent after-hours access when your site is most vulnerable to trespassing, theft and vandalism. By restricting access to only authorized workers, you can prevent accidents and reduce your overall liability.

Is Your Construction Site Legal?

Local governments have their own ordinances when it comes to fencing requirements in and around construction sites. City Fence has years of experience helping our clients follow the letter of the law and we can help you adhere to all applicable codes and regulations. Learn more about construction bylaws by visiting any of the links below.

Which Fence Is Best for My Job Site?

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of all types of fencing, helping you decide which style is best for your construction site.

Security Fences


Security fences are appropriate for large scale construction jobs or construction sites where limited access is vital. They can help avert property damage, reduce unauthorized access and deter trespassers.


Chain Link Fences


There’s a reason chain link fences are classic components of construction sites; they are known to be affordable, durable and easy to maintain. Chain link fences will keep unauthorized individuals out, helping to prevent injury and streamline your construction work.




To restrict access or cordon off areas inside a building, partitions may be the best option. City Fence will help design and install partitions that precisely meet your needs.

Professional Service from the Start to Completion of Any Construction Job

When you count on City Fence, you’ll benefit from the skills and expertise of our professional fence contractors. Whether you’re searching for fence repairs or construction fencing in Mississauga or Toronto, you’ll enjoy our exceptional customer service and expert workmanship.


Contact us today online for a free quote , or by phone at 416-506-0135 .

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