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Commercial & Industrial Security Fences For Toronto Businesses

While security systems prevent intruders from entering a building, security fences do even more by preventing intruders from entering your company’s premises in the first place. Our team at City Fence knows that you should never leave the security of your business to chance, and that an investment in our gates and security fences in Toronto will provide added value to your assets. Besides preventing unwanted intruders, a high-security fence from City Fence provides the following benefits to your business:


      Keeps your property and valuables secure against thieves

      Averts property damage

      Secures privacy of businesses, schools, hospitals, etc.

      Protects children and pets from potential dangers (such as traffic)

      Guards top executives and professionals

      Reduces stress and provides employees a sense of security


In addition, a security fence can save your business thousands of dollars. Just think how much it would cost to replace stolen goods or fix damaged property. Invest in business security, and you won’t need to worry about the damage occurring in the first place.

Ornamental Vs. Chain Link Security Fences

While ornamental security fences are usually preferred among the wealthy, chain link security fences in Toronto and Vaughan can be just as effective at a fraction of the cost. Chain link fencing is not only easier to install, but it’s also easier to repair and maintain. The two most important things to remember when deciding upon the best security fencing are the height and the thickness of the wire used in your fencing. You should always strive for a security fence that’s at least 6’ tall and ensure that the wiring is at least a 9-gauge for durability. Always avoid wooden security fencing because it affords would-be trespassers with a place to hide, as it isn’t see-through like  its ornamental or chain link

Get Added Protection with Bollards

To provide specialized security, City Fence also offers bollards for Toronto and Ontario residents. Bollards protect buildings, machinery and utilities from accidental (or intentional) vehicle collisions. We even provide crash-resistant bollards to prevent a devastating accident without damage to the bollard.

Contact Us for Security Fences in Vaughan And Toronto

From the initial evaluation to the actual installation, City Fence does all the work ourselves. Because there are no subcontractors or hidden costs involved, we’re proud to be among the most sought-after fencing companies in the GTA. Before we install your new chain link fence, bollard or security fences in the Vaughan or Toronto area, we offer a free on-site evaluation to help you determine the best security solution for your specific needs. We also respond quickly to your concerns and respond instantly to any and all emergency fencing repair situations. Give us a call at (416) 506-0135 today, and let us relieve your worries and keep your business safe!

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