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Parking Bollards for Toronto Businesses

At City Fence, we carry bollards of all shapes and sizes. Our parking bollards are an attractive yet functional solution to control traffic, keep pedestrians safe, and protect commercial and industrial properties from damage. Our team will work with you to design the best bollard configuration for your business. Check out our gallery or contact us today to find out how our parking bollards are helping companies in Mississauga and the GTA.


Types of Parking Bollards

Here’s an overview of the most common types of bollards:


       Fixed bollards are made of concrete and steel and are primarily used for safeguarding property. They’re placed deep into the ground and            inflict extensive damage if hit. However, they offer the best protection from unwanted access.

       Removable bollards are suitable for temporary worksites and traffic detours. They’re easy to assemble and can be moved from one location        to another.

       Collapsible bollards tuck neatly away into the ground and can be raised and lowered as needed. They’re perfect for access control points.          Collapsible bollards also allow emergency vehicles to access pedestrian-only areas.

       Flexible bollards are crash-resistant and can bend up to 90 degrees. They effectively protect people and property without damaging                    vehicles.

If you want to learn more, please read our guide to parking bollards.

Benefits of Parking Bollards

Parking bollards protect pedestrians and buildings from automobiles. They also warn drivers to slow down and indicate where they can and cannot drive. Moreover, bollards:


      Prevent vehicles from colliding with storefronts and transformer cabinets

      Keep parking lots organized

      Allow easy access to entry and exit points

      Maintain a secure perimeter around your property

      Prevent cars from entering unauthorized areas

In fact, bollards are a critical part of any commercial fencing project.

Where to Install Parking Bollards

Some of the most common locations for parking bollards in Mississauga include:

Bikes lanes


Surrounding high-security buildings such as banks or police departments

Pedestrian malls or pathways

Storefronts and strip malls

Parking lots and garages

Along the perimeter of commercial or industrial sites

Lastly, bollards are a worthwhile investment for any business located in a high-traffic area or with a parking lot.

Where to Install Parking Bollards

Look no further than City Fence if you think your business could benefit from parking bollards. We’ll send a member of our team to your property to analyze your needs and work with you to create an optimal fencing and security solution that suits your budget. We serve commercial and industrial customers in Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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