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Quality Chain Link Fences for Brampton Businesses

For over 35 years, City Fence has offered durable, cost-effective commercial and industrial fencing products in Brampton, Ontario. As a commitment to our customers, we will take care of all your fencing needs including new installations, repairs and replacements. With years of experience, our contractors have come to know the area very well, and we are up-to-date on zoning and property bylaws that are necessary for a proper fence installation. If you’re looking to install a new chain link fence on your Brampton property, contact the professionals at City Fence .

Fencing Brampton

Providing Quality Installations

We've learned that even superior fencing products don't mean much without proper installation. We use sturdy support systems so our commercial fencing products in Brampton can stand up to even the toughest weather and soil conditions. Our chain link fences are the most popular type of fence in Brampton, and can act as a perimeter fence for a business of any size. It is also an affordable method, and will last many years if properly maintained.


While our chain link fences in Brampton are known to be of superior quality, we also offer repairs or replacements if damage does occur. With quick and reliable service, our contractors will visit your industrial or commercial property and perform the necessary work as soon as possible.

Proving Our Case

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Some of our most powerful testimonials come in the form of pictures in our photo gallery . We are proud of the variety of commercial fencing installations we've done over the years! When you browse our gallery, you'll see proof of our experience, from multiple entry gates to ornamental security fencing , and many options in between.


We are committed to providing a customized solution for your needs. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on our site, we would be happy to sit down with you and develop a specialty fencing system that suits your property.

Ready to Install a Chain Link Fence on Your Brampton Property?

At City Fence, we're the source for competitively priced commercial and industrial fencing in the Greater Toronto Area. We are experts on chain link fences in Brampton, Vaughan, Mississauga and surrounding areas.


Contact us today online to receive a free quote, or call us at 416-505-0135 .

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