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If you run a large business, you can’t trust your property to any and all fencing contractors on the market. City Fence Inc. is a company you can rely on for dedicated commercial and industrial fencing services. With over three decades in the fencing industry, we know what it takes to install and maintain reliable fences and gates for businesses in Barrie and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Contact us to arrange for an on-site evaluation and find out why our experts are the fencing contractors of choice. 


Fencing Services

Whether you need new installation or repairs, rely on City Fence Inc. for superior service regardless of the size of your operation. 


  • Fencing repair.
    If your fencing has suffered damage or regular wear and tear, we may be able to extend its lifespan. We pride ourselves on fair pricing, so you can be assured of cost-efficient repairs.  

  • Industrial fencing installation.
    Our experienced team will evaluate your needs and deliver an industrial fencing solution that keeps your operation secure, your employees safe and your processes running smoothly.  

  • Commercial fencing installation.
    You want to keep your customers safe and keep them coming back. You can count on our team to install a commercial fencing solution that’s both attractive and secure.

  • Specialty fencing solutions. 
    When a standardized product just doesn’t cut it, our team will work with you to design a customized fencing solution.  

Fencing Products

Our top-notch fencing contractors install quality products for your commercial or industrial enterprise.

  • Chain link fencing.
    A cost-effective and versatile option, you may be surprised at the variety of colours and sizes in chain link fencing you can choose from.

  • Security fencing.
    Safeguard your property and ensure the safety of employees and customers while protecting your bottom line with a high-quality security fence.


  • Ornamental fences.
    Find a secure and decorative fencing solution to represent your brand and fit your budget. 

  • Fence partitions.
    Manage security and workflow within your business with versatile fence partitions.

  • Security gates.
    Control access with a reliable security gate. We offer a selection of gates from top brands.

  • Sound barrier walls.
    Whether you need to contain your industrial noise or keep external noises out, our sound barrier walls can help you reduce noise pollution.

  • Parking bollards.
    Our range of parking bollards includes fixed, collapsible, flexible and removable options. 


What’s Your Business?

Whatever your commercial or industrial operation in the Greater Toronto Area, City Fence Inc. is at your disposal for top-quality fencing solutions and expert service. 

  • Apartment buildings and condominiums. For apartment or condo property fencing, City Fence Inc. can design and install a solution to suit your needs.

  • Major construction. We’ll design, install and maintain durable fencing for your construction site.

  • General contractors. When you need to account for every detail of your project costs, we’ll find an ideal fencing solution to hit that sweet spot between durability and cost-efficiency.


Fencing Contractors in Toronto

Make City Fence Inc. your first call for quality products and unbeatable expertise in fencing, partitions and gates. We pride ourselves on fair pricing, timely service and no surprises. That’s why commercial and industrial clients in the Greater Toronto Area have relied on us for more than three decades. Contact us to request a free on-site evaluation and cost estimate. 

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