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Richmond Hill is a bustling and vibrant community just a short drive north of Toronto. It boasts beautiful green spaces and a cultural heritage that attracts diverse residents. However, besides its residential appeal, Richmond Hill is a hub for businesses, especially those in the commercial and industrial sectors.


For business owners looking to enhance their properties with fencing solutions, City Fence Inc. is the go-to choice among Richmond Hill fencing companies. Whether you’re looking to purchase a chain link fence, have a partition installed or even have a gated system put in place, we have the expertise to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Fencing Richmond Hill

Our Services

We understand that businesses in Richmond Hill have unique needs when it comes to fencing, and we’re here to provide customized solutions to meet those needs. Here’s a look at some of our services:


  • Commercial installations. Enhance the esthetic appeal and security of your business premises with our commercial fencing solutions. From ornamental iron fences that exude professionalism to high-security chain-link installations, we’ll ensure your commercial space looks impressive and remains protected. Plus, our sound barrier walls are perfect for businesses located in busy areas with loud traffic noise.

  • Industrial installations. When it comes to industrial installations, we understand the importance of functionality and durability. Our expert team has extensive experience designing and installing fencing for large manufacturing plants and warehouses. We provide a range of industrial fencing solutions, including security fences, gates, partitions and parking bollards that offer an added level of security to your industrial property.

  • Specialty fencing. Elevate your property with specialty fencing that goes beyond conventional designs. Our team will work with you to create a custom fence or gate that meets your business’s unique needs.

  • Fencing repair. Don’t let a damaged fence compromise your property’s security and esthetics. Our fencing repair services are here to restore and reinforce the integrity of your fencing, ensuring it stands the test of time. You can trust us restore your fence to its former glory!

At City Fence Inc., we understand just how important security is for Richmond Hill businesses. That’s why we ensure high-quality workmanship on all our commercial and industrial fencing products and installations. We never subcontract any of our work. This gives us complete control over every aspect of the project, so you can be sure the project will be completed to the highest standards.  When you do business with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business and its assets are safe.

Our experience

For over three decades, we’ve been providing industrial fencing installations and fencing repairs to residents in Richmond Hill and the surrounding area. We can confidently say that we know a thing or two about superior workmanship and customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, we’re proud to be affiliated with the Toronto Construction Association, the Canadian Fence Industry Association and the American Fence Association.

Fencing company in Richmond Hill

With its vibrant community and rich history dating back to the early 1800s, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call Richmond Hill home. As a trusted fencing company in the area, we pride ourselves on providing quality solutions and superior consumer service for businesses of all sizes. After visiting your property for a free on-site quote, our contractors will work to develop a customized plan to suit your budget and requirements.

Contact us today online or by phone at 416-506-0135 for more information about our fence products or to receive a detailed quote.

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