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4 Common Fence Problems

A typical chain-link fence will last around 20 years. However, without proper fencing maintenance, even the most robust chain-link barriers will show signs of age. The same goes for ornamental iron fences. If you have a chain-link or iron perimeter at your commercial or industrial property, you should look for these four common problems.

  1. Leaning and fallen fence posts. A leaning fence post can cause stretches of your fence to sag, compromising its integrity and security. The problem can be caused by soil erosion or pressure from high winds and drifting snow. A leaning fence post may also be caused by incorrect installation. Posts must be sunk at least one metre into the ground and set in concrete or gravel. If the holes are too shallow, the posts will be unstable and start to lean. It’s good to check your fence now and then to look for leaning posts and ensure they’re secure.

  2. Property lines weren’t followed. If you guess your property lines while installing your fence, you may inadvertently build on your neighbour’s property. If this happens, your neighbour has every right to demand you tear it all down. Check your municipal office for a property survey or hire a company to map it out. Follow local bylaws and regulations regarding fence height and proximity to sidewalks and roadways. You’ll avoid needless fines and the expense of a rebuild.

  3. The chain link is coming off the posts. If children climb the fence or dogs jump on it, the chain link may eventually come loose from the tension wires connecting it to the posts. This is a quick fix if you have the right tools. A professional fence repair service will ensure the repair is done correctly.

  4. Rust and corrosion. Metal fencing is always subject to corrosion. Galvanized steel chain-link is much more resistant to rust. If you have ornamental iron fences, ensure you repair any chips or scratches in the paint as soon as possible, as exposed iron quickly rusts.

Identifying these common problems early allows you to make timely repairs. Ignoring these issues can lead to costly fence replacements and possible downtime for your business. Call a trusted fence repair specialist to fix minor problems before they become expensive projects.

Fence builders and repair services in Toronto

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