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5 Benefits of Privacy Slats

Privacy slats are durable plastic inserts that can be installed on chain link fencing. They’re an excellent and inexpensive way to shield your property from harsh weather and prying eyes. Here are five additional reasons you may want to consider privacy slats for your property.

1. They’re easy to install and maintain

Privacy slats are easy to install on an existing chain link fence and straightforward to remove if you change your mind. They’re also easy to maintain and only need to be periodically hosed down to remove dirt and debris.

2. They provide good soundproofing

Did you know that privacy slats can substantially increase your fence’s capacity to block sound? Whether you want to block noise from your property or sound from the front street, privacy slats are the perfect solution.

3. They’re safe

Privacy slats help prevent hands and feet from getting stuck in the holes of your chain link fencing. They minimize the empty space, giving little room for someone or something to become jammed in the fence. Privacy slats also make it more difficult for someone to jump over the fence by preventing the holes from being used as footholds.

4. They’re customizable

Available in a wide variety of colours and styles, privacy slats allow you to customize your fence to reflect your style. You can create a custom design or choose ready-made printed slats that match the look of your property. Privacy slats also come in different widths, depending on the level of privacy you need.

5. They offer plant support

You can install privacy slats on your chain link fence to create a platform for plants to grow. For example, if you want to add greenery to your space, you can encourage hedges and vining plants to climb up the fence. Plants also add an extra layer of privacy.

If you need help choosing the right privacy slats for your property, the team at City Fence Inc. can help.

Toronto’s custom gate experts

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