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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Security Gate

A security gate is a critical element of your commercial fencing plan. However, buying one can be daunting with numerous styles and models on the market. Asking the right questions can help you narrow your search. Here are some considerations when buying a security gate.

1 - How much space do you have?

Measure the space where you want your gate. The size and terrain around the entry will determine the types of gates you can install. For example, you must have enough space on either side of the entrance if you want a sliding gate. Additionally, if the terrain is uneven, you won’t be able to install a swing gate without it hitting the ground.

2 - How much traffic will there be?

Gates need to secure your property. However, they must also be efficient and allow vehicles to pass through quickly. You don’t want your delivery vehicles to sit idling while waiting for a slow gate to open. If your business has high traffic needs, choose a high-speed gate that opens and closes quickly.

3 -Do you require access control?

Security gates with access control systems can help keep unauthorized visitors out of your property. Access control solutions also log the identity of everyone who uses the gate and the date and time of entry. For instance, access control is a must-have for apartment or condominium buildings.

4 - Do you need an automatic or manual gate?

You should install an automatic gate if you have many vehicles entering and exiting your property at all hours. Electric automatic gates cost more than manual ones. Still, they’re cheaper than hiring security guards to staff a manual gate 24 hours a day.

5 - What type of security gate works best on your property?

There are several types of security gates that work differently with specific requirements.

  • Swing gates come in single-swing and double-swing styles.

  • Sliding gates don’t swing. They slide across to one side. This type of gate is necessary on inclines and uneven ground.

  • Bi-folding swing gates are designed for compact spaces. They also open and close the fastest.

  • Vertical gates lift upwards on a track. However, you must keep vehicle height in mind so that trucks don’t get stuck under the gate.

It’s best to consult a professional gate expert about the different brands and features.

Security gates and fencing installation in Toronto

At City Fence Inc., we have a comprehensive selection of security gates to suit any commercial or industrial property. Our expert fence builders can tell you about the different models and help you select the perfect gate for your needs. Contact us today in Toronto to learn more about our security gates and chain link fence prices.


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