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5 Signs your chain link fence needs replacing

Have you been relying on your trusty chain link fence to protect your property year after year? Is it starting to look like it’s in need of serious fence repair? Your fence is your first line of defence against intrusion and theft, and whether you’re in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville or somewhere in between, it’s important to know when it’s time to start searching for fencing companies who can offer you a speedy replacement. Here are five signs your fence needs to be replaced.

1. Visible damage

If you notice visible damage to your chain link fence, chances are, so does everyone else. Not only can this be off-putting to clients and prospective customers, but it can also make it easy for would-be criminals to spot the vulnerabilities in your property’s security.

2. Damaged posts

If one or more of your fence posts is damaged or broken, it can affect the structural integrity of the entire fence. You may notice sagging in other parts of the fence, or if the post is no longer providing support to the chain link, large sections of the fencing could become slack, putting you at risk for break-ins.

3. Holes

Like visible damage and broken posts, holes in your chain link fence are not only unsightly, but they also put your property at risk. Maintain the security of your perimeter by having your chain link fence repaired or replaced without delay.

4. Repair costs are higher than the price of replacement

Another sign that it may be time to replace your chain link fence is if the cost of repair is higher than the cost of replacement. Holes and certain types of damage can typically be repaired at a reasonable price, but age, extensive wind damage and fraying may make replacement your best option.

5. You want to make your property more secure

Another common reason that businesses replace their older chain link fence is to improve security. Security fences and gate systems are often the easiest way to keep your property secure.

For more information about chain link fence installation, repair or replacement in Brampton, Mississauga, or throughout the Toronto area, visit City Fence. We’ve been one of the most trusted fencing companies in Toronto for more than 35 years. City Fence is your choice for quality industrial and commercial chain link and wrought iron fencing. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, or to request a quote.


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