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6 Facilities That Can Benefit From Indoor Fencing


Fences aren’t just for outdoor use. They can also be installed indoors to provide additional security and containment.


An indoor fence can be used to store files, equipment and hazardous chemicals. They’re often built from inexpensive but durable chain link materials that are quick to construct and easy to install. Here are six types of facilities that can benefit from indoor fencing.


1. Warehouses

Fencing can be used to create partitions and organize large open spaces. They can also keep employees safe by marking safety zones and barricading areas with restricted access. In addition, indoor fencing can be used to provide extra security for valuable equipment and tools. Cameras can be added if desired.


2. Restaurant storage

Dry storage is important for increasing the efficiency of restaurants and takeout facilities. Indoor fences can be used to stockpile dry goods, equipment and other supplies. Locks can be added to secure alcohol and cleaning supplies.


3. Animal shelters

Indoor fencing can be used to build open cages, stalls and kennels to safely contain animals. They’re an excellent option for shelters, rescue centres, zoos, agricultural facilities and veterinary clinics. Using chain link fencing enables the animals to remain visible and allows for easy cleaning.


4. Athletic facilities

School gymnasiums and other athletic facilities can benefit from the use of indoor fences for secure storage. Open units allow for proper air circulation and can be used to stock towels, detergents and soaps. They also help deter theft and protect against unsupervised use of equipment.


5. Apartment storage

Fences can be used to create secure storage units for apartment and condo buildings, and chain link fencing is an excellent material for building inexpensive lockers for tenants to store their belongings. Gates with individual security locks will provide the necessary access control.


6. Law enforcement and military facilities

Indoor enclosures with gated access can be used to temporarily detain prisoners. They can also be employed to secure weapons and other dangerous materials.


Fence repair and installation in the GTA

City Fence provides commercial and industrial fencing solutions in the Greater Toronto Area. We install and repair indoor and outdoor fences using quality materials, and we have the security clearance required to work in high-security environments like jails, courts and government facilities. Our experienced contractors are trained according to industry standards and familiar with all safety regulations. Contact us today to learn more or for a free quote.


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