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7 Ways to Improve Security on Your Construction Site


Unprotected construction sites are at a higher risk of being targeted by thieves and vandals than secure sites. Criminals seek them out to access copper wire, tools, lumber and other costly building materials.


Unfortunately, a break-in can delay your project, decrease your profits and create unsafe working conditions. To prevent this, here are seven ways you can improve the security on your construction site.


1. Add lighting. If you have adequate lighting, it will make it more difficult for criminals to move around unnoticed. A well-lit construction site is likely to discourage thieves from entering.


2. Schedule deliveries. Thieves target sites that have lots of building materials lying around. Plan your deliveries so that your materials arrive when you need them and immediately remove anything that’s no longer required for the project.


3. Lock up materials. Organize and secure materials at the end of each day. Lock your tools away in a shipping container and anchor larger pieces of equipment in place with chains so that they can’t be moved.


4. Get a surveillance system. Video surveillance and alarm systems allow you to monitor and record your site 24 hours a day. Many systems can be configured to send alerts when someone enters the site without authorization. Also, having visible cameras may scare off trespassers.


5. Secure the perimeter. Consider erecting a temporary barrier around your construction site. Installing a fence is a relatively inexpensive way to boost your security, restrict unauthorized access and reduce your liability. There are different types available, including security fences and chain-link fences.


6. Put up signs. It’s a good idea to post warning signs that say things like “keep out” and “no trespassing” as they can act as an additional deterrent. You should also consider putting up signs that indicate that your site is under 24-hour video surveillance.


7. Install security gates. Gates can help manage access to your site and restrict unauthorized entries. Limit the number of entry points and make sure they’re all secured.


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