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A Guide to Bollards


Fencing and gates are essential aspects of any security system for industrial and commercial properties, but have you included bollards? Bollards provide added protection to your buildings, machinery, utilities and more against mishaps and collisions.


Here’s why they’re useful and why you may want to make them part of your property’s security infrastructure.


Benefits of Bollards

Bollards protect both your property and the public. They can safeguard your property against vehicles accidentally or intentionally driving into it. They also protect pedestrians and/or employees by creating a barrier between pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Plus, bollards can improve the appearance of your property with ornamental features and internal lighting.


Types of Bollards

Bollards come in a variety of materials and sizes, and different kinds have different functions. Here are the basic types:


Fixed bollards. These are primarily used for protecting property and are made of concrete and/or steel. They’re built permanently into the ground and can’t be easily moved. They can badly damage vehicles that hit them, but they offer the greatest protection for your property.


Removable bollards. These are mobile systems that can be erected, taken down or moved as needed. They are used for temporary work sites or traffic detours.


Collapsible bollards. These are built into the ground and can be raised or lowered as needed. Collapsible bollards allow vehicles to pass through the barrier while still protecting pedestrians and property.


Flexible bollards. These are crash-resistant bollards that can prevent damage to property and vehicles. They look permanent so that drivers avoid them, but they can bend up to 90 degrees on impact.


Bollard spacing

When it comes to the amount of space between bollards, please check with your local regulations and codes. One metre (3 feet) between bollards provides enough room for pedestrians and wheelchairs. However, a space of more than 1.5 metres (5 feet) between bollards reduces the system’s integrity. If your bollards are near a street, keep them 0.5 metres (1.5 feet) from the curb to allow room for vehicle doors to open.


Toronto’s fencing experts

City Fence has more than three decades of experience in commercial and industrial fencing systems and gates in Toronto and the surrounding area. If you think bollards could be a useful part of your commercial or business property, contact us today and we’ll come out and conduct a free on-site evaluation of your security and fencing needs.


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