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Access Control: How Interior Fencing Increases Efficiency

An indoor fence network combined with an access control system can help control human traffic and result in increased profitability. In fact, controlling who has access to your business or property and when they have it can maximize your overall efficiency and improve your bottom line. Here’s what you should know.


What is access control?

Access control is the ability to determine who can freely enter and exit a specific location and when they can do so. Access control systems can be used to help safeguard a storage locker, a specific room, a particular area inside a building or a whole construction site.


Once an access control system is in place, you can use it to allow visitors, contractors or employees to come and go.


What are the types of access control systems?

The simplest access control systems use a standard lock-and-key mechanism. However, this method presents problems. People tend to lose keys, and as a business grows, they can become difficult to manage. Plus, standard keys don’t leave an electronic trail behind that allows you to easily log all entrances and exits.


An electronic access system provides much more control. Instead of using a key to enter, badges or cards may be issued. Alternatively, a personal identification code or biometric print (such as a fingerprint) can be set up. Advanced systems can easily modify access permissions for each individual that’s allowed on your property. You can decide who has access to what doors and when.


How can access control and interior fencing increase efficiency?

If an access control system is combined with indoor fencing it can help you more easily manage human traffic. Barriers, gates and doors will provide you with the capacity to restrict workers movements as needed.


In the event of an accident, managers can quickly identify who’s involved. Access control and interior fencing systems increase security, reduce liability and prevent accidents, making your business more secure, efficient and profitable.


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