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Adding Spears to Your Wrought Iron Fence: Plastic or Iron?

Spear points and finials add beauty, elegance and prestige to an ornamental wrought iron fence. The pointy tips also provide a deterrent for potential trespassers. You can buy spears made of iron or plastic, with plastic having a few advantages over metal. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing plastic spears for iron fences.

Plastic costs less

Plastic spears cost a fraction of what iron spears cost. You can typically purchase a single plastic spear for less than a dollar, whereas some metal spears can cost up to three dollars each. The price difference is significant when you consider the hundreds of spears you’ll need to complete your iron fence.

Plastic is easier to install

Plastic spears are more manageable and less expensive to install than metal spears. Metal spears require a welder to weld each spear individually to a picket. The process takes time, and a professional welder isn’t cheap. With plastic spears, you hammer the pieces into place, and you’re done. The process takes only a few seconds for each spear, and you don’t need to call in a professional tradesperson to do it.

Plastic is easy to maintain

Metal spears are usually made of iron or steel, which are prone to corrosion and rust. If you have metal spears, you’ll need to ensure they’re painted with anti-corrosive paint and are free of scratches and nicks, which could lead to oxidation. The weld points will be more susceptible to rusting and can quickly become brittle and break off in harsh climates.

On the other hand, plastic spears require little to no maintenance. You can promptly hammer on a new spear in minutes if they break. Plastic spears are easier to maintain and replace than metal spears.

Plastic looks better

It’s challenging to differentiate between plastic and iron spears. They’ll both add splendour to the look of your fence. However, because metal spears require welding, you’ll be able to see the welds, no matter how talented and experienced the installer is. The welds may also be inconsistent, leading to an unfinished look. Plastic spears require no welding and therefore look sleeker than metal spears.

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