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Common Issues with Fence Installations and How to Avoid Them: A Professional Analysis

Fence Installations

Fence installations are complex and time consuming, and many things can go wrong if a contractor is inexperienced or trying to cut corners. This professional analysis covers some of the most common issues that can occur during fence installations, plus tips for businesses to reduce the risk of complaints and provide better client service.

Inaccurate measurements

A common issue that can occur during fence installations is inaccurate measurements. Whether it's due to human error or lack of proper tools, incorrect measurements can result in fences that are too short, too tall or misaligned.

To avoid this issue, fencing contractors should use precision tools like laser measuring devices to ensure accuracy. Taking the time to double-check every measurement saves both time and money in the long run.

Substandard work

Another common issue that can occur during fence installations is sub-par execution. This can include things like using poor-quality materials, cutting corners on labour and failing to follow proper installation procedures. Poor-quality work can lead to sagging, insecure fences requiring frequent repairs.

To ensure quality results, fencing contractors must use only the highest-grade materials and hire experienced and qualified installers. A project manager should be assigned to inspect the work regularly and ensure it’s being done correctly.

Miscommunication with clients

Misunderstandings or misinterpretations can lead to dissatisfaction and costly rework. To avoid confusion, the contractor should establish a clear and open line of communication from the beginning, taking time to listen to the client’s needs and ask clarifying questions.

The contractor should give the client a detailed quote in advance, itemizing the costs and setting a timeline for completion. The client should receive regular progress updates and have any concerns addressed promptly.

Lack of post-project support

A fencing company’s work isn’t finished when the crew leaves the property. Clients may need adjustments, repairs or maintenance services and can grow frustrated if they don’t receive timely support.

Fencing companies must have a dedicated customer support system so clients can request assistance and receive prompt action on any post-installation issues. A warranty or guarantee on labour is further evidence of reliable service.

Fence Installation and Repair in Toronto

At City Fence Inc., we have more than 35 years of fence installation experience serving commercial and industrial clients in the GTA. We take the time to explain our products and installation process so there are no surprises along the way. We use the best installation techniques with only the best materials, so our installations are done right the first time. Contact us today to book a free on-site evaluation and quote.


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