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Fencing Ideas for Maximizing Outdoor Spaces in Condos

condo outdoor fence

Condo developers are constantly looking for ways to distinguish their buildings from the competition. That’s why more developers are adding shared outdoor living areas to their buildings, such as stunning rooftop patios. These communal areas provide a perfect setting for residents to unwind, relax and savour a glass of wine while enjoying the panoramic view. Incorporating distinctive fencing and privacy barriers enhances the overall appeal of these outdoor spaces.


Unconventional fencing ideas for condos

As a condo developer, you have the unique challenge of designing your building to cater to your residents’ needs while maximizing the available space. Incorporating innovative fencing ideas into your design is an excellent way to add aesthetic value to your property while maintaining your residents’ privacy and security. Here are six fencing ideas that go beyond traditional barriers.

1. Trellises

Trellises are a great way to add greenery to your condo’s balcony, patio or rooftop spaces. They create a beautiful natural barrier and provide a sense of privacy. For example, plants like ivy, morning glory or bougainvillea are perfect for creating a lush green wall. The best part is that you can easily customize the look and feel of these trellises by selecting different greenery every year.

2. Wood slats

Wood slat fencing is a versatile and stylish option to add character and charm to your condo’s outdoor spaces. Using slats of different thicknesses, you can create the illusion of depth and dimension to make even the smallest exterior areas appear more prominent. Plus, wood slat fencing has many different uses. For example, you can use them as the backdrop for a living wall or attach string lights to the slats to create a magical ambiance in the evening.

3. Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are perfect for condo residents who love to garden but have limited outdoor space. This allows them to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables without wasting valuable floor space. A well-designed vertical garden can enhance the look of your outdoor space and provide much-needed privacy.

4. Glass or plexiglass

Since condos often have limited outside space, using glass or plexiglass fencing can help create a sense of openness and make the area seem bigger than it is. Additionally, clear fencing provides an unobstructed view of the surrounding area, which can be especially beneficial if your condo is in a scenic area or high-rise building. Glass or plexiglass fencing creates a modern and sleek look that adds a touch of elegance to your alfresco spaces.


5. Fabric fencing

Fabric fencing is made of durable materials like polyester or vinyl. It can create a sense of privacy and add a pop of colour to your outdoor spaces. It’s available in various shades, patterns and designs, making it a versatile option for any style or taste. Additionally, it blocks UV rays and is weather-resistant and low maintenance, making it a great long-term solution.

6. Multi-functional screens

Multi-functional screens are an excellent way to create a versatile outdoor space. These screens can be crafted from different materials like wood and metal and cut into different patterns and shapes to add a unique touch to your condo’s exterior spaces. Some popular patterns include geometric shapes, lattice designs and unique cut-outs. As the name suggests, they’re multi-functional. For example, you can use them to create a sense of privacy, define different areas or use them as a backdrop for outdoor movie nights.

Our custom fencing solutions

City Fence Inc. understands that every property is different and requires a unique fencing solution. That’s why we offer various ornamental fencing options catering to your condo’s unique needs. We use only high-quality materials to create fences that are durable and beautiful.


Our portfolio includes a variety of projects ranging from classic wrought iron styles to modern wood and aluminum designs. We take pride in our work and believe in collaborating closely with our customers every step of the way — from the initial consultation to the final installation. Our team ensures every project is executed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.


Condo fencing in the Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton and Mississauga

As a condo developer, you understand the importance of creating a comfortable and appealing outdoor space for your tenants. At City Fence Inc., we share your vision. We’re committed to providing custom fencing solutions to help elevate your condo’s open-air areas. Our team has the tools, equipment and expertise to take on any condo fencing project in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect outdoor retreat for your tenants.


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