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How to Keep an Ornamental Fence in Good Condition


Typically made from quality iron, steel or aluminum, ornamental fences are as beautiful as they are durable. However, tough as they are, even the most high-end ornamental fence needs regular maintenance.



Plus, catching potential problems early will help you keep your ornamental fence looking great for years to come. Here are six things you should do to keep your ornamental fence in prime condition.


1. Inspect it annually

Inspect the entire perimeter of your fence at least once a year, if not more. Look for small rust spots, scratches and flaking in the paint. The paint is your fence’s main defence system, so you need to make sure it’s intact.


2. Make repairs promptly

If you see scratches or small rust spots in the paint, make sure you repair them as soon as possible. Rust can quickly spread and damage an ornamental fence. To repair the damage, do the following:


• Clean away any chipped or loose paint with a wire brush

• Apply two coats of primer

• Apply two coats of a rust-proof paint.


Doing this will ensure the paint stays sealed and will prevent rust from forming.


3. Clean it regularly

Material such as road and sea salt, or animal and bird droppings contain elements that can eat away at painted metal fences if left on the surface. Rinse away debris with soap and water, and then dry the fence with a towel.


4. Cut back vegetation

Clear away vines, tree branches and other vegetation from your ornamental fence. If it touches the fence, vegetation can wear away at the paint over time. Tree branches can break off during a storm and do some major damage to even the most rugged fence.


5. Keep it dry when possible

Configure your lawn sprinklers in such a way that your fence doesn’t get wet. A constant wet-dry environment puts stress on the paint This can make it deteriorate more quickly and lead to rust spots.


6. Avoid damaging it

Swinging gates, lawnmowers, trimmers and landscaping rocks all have the potential to damage your fence. Keep your gates closed, pull weeds and grass away from around your fence by hand and keep loose rocks and other landscaping objects well away from your fence’s perimeter.


Ornamental fencing in Toronto

City Fence installs and repairs ornamental and other types of fencing in the Greater Toronto Area. If your fence is damaged by the environment or regular wear and tear, contact us to schedule a service call.


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