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Protect Your Business: Think Before You Hire Fence Contractors in Toronto

When you are dealing with a fence installation project in Toronto, there are a few factors to consider before hiring a contractor. Not all fencing companies in Toronto are created equal, and with permits and by-laws in place, the wrong contractor could end up costing you more than you budgeted for fence installation.

A good contractor is aware of the permit requirements as well as the fencing standards outlined by the city of Toronto.

So, before hiring the first name you find in the phone book or online classifieds, there are critical considerations that must be assessed first.


To ensure you are hiring someone with your business’s best interests in the forefront of operations, here are five points to check and verify with potential contractors:

Type of Fencing: The type of fencing you need matters. For example, if you are in the construction business, a chain link fence in Toronto is required. However, if you want to secure the perimeter of your building, wrought iron fencing offers better aesthetics. Inquire about which types of fencing the company offers; some only have temporary fences or chain link.

Specialty: A vast majority of companies offering fencing in Toronto also offer other construction-related services. While they market based on the one-company-all-services model, it is better to work with a company that deals exclusively in fencing. These companies are up-to-date on the latest fence materials, technology, and requirements by the city.

Insurance: Your company has enough potential for liability. So, you do not need to worry about the liability of fencing contractors on your site. A fence contractor should have full business liability coverage as well as WHMIS for any workplace injuries.

Employee Status: Some fencing companies employ sub-contractors so that they can accept numerous projects. These contracted workers, however, are not permanent employees and they have no ties to that fencing company. The company also does not train a sub-contractor, so there is no guarantee on the quality of work. Instead, you want a company that has employees who are skilled and knowledgeable.

Permits and Laws: The City of Toronto has strict rules about fencing. While there are fence exemptions, your business may be required to obtain a permit. Also, it is important that the company you hire understand all height, material, and other requirements to meet city standards.

Finding the right contractor is easy when you talk to our team at City Fence. At City Fence, we hire our employees, train them, and ensure that they meet our strict quality standards with every project. Furthermore, we are fully insured (including WHMIS).

Our team understands all permit and standards required by the City of Toronto; therefore, you never have to worry about a citation or permit issue with our fences.

We also offer numerous options for specialty fencing on commercial and industrial properties.

Call the City Fence team today at 416-506-0135 or contact us online. We can help design your chain link or wrought iron fence in Toronto and secure your business premises.


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